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Research economists at Norges Bank regularly publish articles in books or academic journals. The articles are subjected to rigorous quality control by referees before publication.

Forthcoming articles

 Bergholt, D., V. H. Larsen and M. Seneca, "Business cycles in an oil economy", Journal of International Money and Finance, forthcoming.

Furlanetto, F., Foroni, C. and Lepetit, A., "Labor supply factors and economic fluctuations", International Economic Review , forthcoming.

Furlanetto, F., Ravazzolo, F. and Sarferaz, S., "Identification of financial factors in economic fluctuations",. Economic Journal, forthcoming.

Akram, Q. F. and H. Mumtaz, "Time-varying dynamics of the Norwegian Economy", Scandinavian Journal of Economics, forthcoming.

Aastveit, K.A., F. Ravazzolo, H. K. van Dijk, "Combined Density Nowcasting in an Uncertain Environment", Journal of Business & Economic Statistics, forthcoming.

Published 17 August 2006 13:50
Edited 25 January 2013 14:18

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