General Secretariat and General Counsel

General Secretariat

The department performs secretariat, coordinating and governance functions on behalf of the Bank's executive management.

Duties include:

  • Coordinating strategy and governance processes for central banking operations
  • Ensuring regulatory compliance in central banking operations
  • Serving as the secretariat for the Executive Board and executive management

Executive Director and Chief of General Secretariat: Birger Vikøren

Director Bjarne Gulbrandsen (Secretariat)
Director Kathrine Stang Ottesen (GRC)
Tel. +47 22 31 61 82

General Counsel

The General Counsel holds ultimate responsibility for providing legal advice to the Executive Board and the executive management of Norges Bank.

Duties include:

  • Quality assurance of legal advice provided to the Bank's departments relating to major issues
  • Monitoring of the Bank's interests in legal issues in the EEA and international fora

General Counsel Marius Ryel
Tel. +47 22 31 63 31

Communications Director

The Communications Director has overall responsibility for providing communications advice to Norges Bank's executive management and the Executive Board.

Communications Director Runar Malkenes
Tel.: +47 22 31 64 68

Published 1 June 2012 08:00
Edited 4 January 2016 14:07
Birger Vikøren
Executive Director and Chief of General Secretariat


Tel.: +47 22 31 60 00

Marius Ryel
General Counsel


Tel.: +47 22 31 63 61

Runar Malkenes
Communications Director


Tel.: (0047) 22 31 64 68 / 95 21 42 83